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Once you have sent the questionnaires to the candidates you can see the status of each instance and the results reports for a specific process by going to the process list and clicking on the open folder icon (You can view the information either grouped by person or without grouping using the option in the upper right corner).

The recently created questionnaire instances will be in the “CRE” state. If the candidate has clicked on the link and started the questionnaire, it will be in the “PRG” (In Progress) state. If you cancel a questionnaire instance, it will go to the “CAN” state (Canceled) .The canceled questionnaires (depending on the conditions) will revert the used credit, so the questionnaire credit will be added back to your plan or to the process.

For completed questionnaire instances you can view the results report (if the questionnaire has an assigned report type). To see the report, click on the magnifying glass. Completed reports can also be canceled by clicking on the trash can icon, but in this case the credit is not reversed.

Additionally, there are two other operations that you can carry out from this list. One is to re-calculate the score (This is used if you created a questionnaire with certain score conditions and then change them after the candidate has already finished the questionnaire.). To recalculate, click on the circled arrow icon. For expired questionnaires, it is also possible to force the score to be calculated by clicking on the check button.

The other option offered by this list is to “reset” a questionnaire instance. Click on the icon with the lightning; this will return the questionnaire to its initial state (as when it was created). This can be useful if a candidate has a problem. For example, the candidate lost internet connection during the test and when he resumed the test, the time had expired and he has asked to take the test again.

There are other ways to view the results. To see the last questionnaires of any process you can use the View Sent Questionnaires report from the main menu (in Reports). You can also see all the questionnaire instances of a particular candidate by looking at the list of people in the process menu, by clicking on the folder icon. The reports overview allows you to see the results by candidate, ordered by ranking, or as a complete list of all the tests.

Finally, the main page of the Evalart administrator (click on the Evalart logo inside the administration module) contains graphs and information about the processes and active questionnaires in a single view.